Food is central to everything in our lives and up until the 1960s there was only local food.Why then has it taken so long to hit home that returning to a local food economy is so important?

Possibly the collision of so many factors related to our food system: problems with food safety, poor economic conditions and out-of-control health issues have prompted the return. In this issue, I will not attempt to tackle these large-scale issues; rather, we’ve decided to take your hand and help guide you through the next steps in the journey.

Needless to say, we are entering the season where we can truly enjoy variety and our locally produced food is abundant.

Summer is also the time when we can take more control over our food. Everyone has access if they choose to grow something for themselves. Even pots of herbs on your apartment windowsill will make a difference. Farmer’s markets are growing at a record-setting pace and there are over 200 CSAs inMassachusetts, many with pickup locations within the greater Boston area. Traditional grocery stores are making the effort to connect with local producers and growers to source locally. Access to local is getting easier and easier

Make conscious decisions to cook more. Learn what is in season when. Learn how to utilize the leftovers and not-soperfect produce. You have many options: canning, freezing and dehydrating. Depending on the degree
of your ambition, there is an option open to you!

You also do not need to go at it alone. Food Preservation is the number one new category this year in cookbooks. There are classes available throughout the area. Give it a try.

And most importantly, no one is expecting you to completely change your life. Effective change is slow and continuous. Take baby steps—they all add up!

Enjoy your Summer!
Ilene Bezahler, Publisher/ Editor

PS: I’ve just learned that the state program to issue Ag license plates may close because there has not been enough up-front support. They need 1,500 applications before they can go ahead and make the plates. The design is great and I’d love to see it out on the road! Go to for full details. Another way of showing support for local food!