What's In Season: Savoy Cabbage


Photo by Katie Noble / Styled by Catrine Kelty

The prettiest of the cabbages, a whole spectrum of greens with deeply wrinkled, frilly leaves, Savoy is by far the most elegant in its genus. Its tender, sweet leaves are equally delicious shredded for slaw or steamed for stuffing. And it keeps well: Wrap a whole head in plastic if you must, but the outer leaves do a fine job protecting the inner ones when stored in the crisper drawer, so your Savoy will last weeks before you cut into it.

Feel free to substitute regular green cabbage or Arrowhead or Napa for the Savoy in any of the following recipes—but do seek out this curly gem from your local farmer in the fall. Their heads tend to be bigger and looser than supermarket Savoys, letting more sunlight in, allowing the leaves to develop a deeper, sweeter green. Enjoy this seasonal treat while you can!

This story appeared in the Fall 2018 issue.