Winter 2019 Editor's Letter



For a fairly small city, Boston sure is home to a lot of women chefs. Famous ones, too, known often by first name only: Stephanie, Michela, Rebecca, Barbara. There are women at the helm of whole restaurant groups. Women opening location after location of their signature spaces. Women on television; women who write books and blogs and food columns; women producing food festivals, documentaries, running food think tanks. (We should know: we, too, are an almost entirely female-run business.) If 2018 is seen nationally as “The Year of the Woman,” nobody told the ladies of Boston. They’ve been dominating the food scene here for a while now.

It was only natural, therefore, that for our very first themed regular issue we would choose to highlight and profile the women making a difference in food in Boston. But since we’re blessed with such a prevalence of female-driven food projects in the Commonwealth, the problem wasn’t finding enough powerful women to feature, but exactly the opposite: With such an abundance of riches, we could fill a hundred special issues. And let’s not forget the women we’ve already profiled and the ones in the pipeline for future editions; if there’s anything we’ve learned making this magazine it’s that in every corner of the food industry in Boston—education, farming, innovation, entrepreneurship—women are at or near the top of their field. Creative, adventurous, strong women inspiring others do the same.

2018 has been wild—politically, climatically and culturally. Let’s hope that 2019 brings a restored sense of calm and decency to the world. From all of us here at Edible Boston, we wish you a happy, healthy holiday season.


Sarah Blackburn