Edible Food Finds: Rootastes


Photo by Michael Piazza

Rootastes is diversifying the way many Greater Boston–area offices eat lunch by offering fresh, healthy and user-friendly delivery.

Founder Mint Pattanan grew up in Bangkok, Thailand, and came to Boston to pursue a master’s degree at Boston College. She conceptualized Rootastes as a final marketing project, and later founded the company in 2016. Pattanan noticed the abundance of “forward-thinking companies” that ordered in lunch most days, and the majority of these options were unhealthy or lacking variety. Rootastes offers a solution as an online lunch delivery service focused on gourmet, energy-rich ingredients packed with flavor. To Mint and the Rootastes team, “Nourishment is essential for mind and body.”

Each client creates an online company profile, provides their team’s dietary restrictions and preferences and then selects their order package. The packages include choices of bases, proteins, sides, sauces and some include seasonal fruit, fruit-infused water and dessert.

Wachira Sittikong, director of culinary, explains that the rotating menus feature “globally inspired cuisine that builds a story.” The Chef’s Farm Selection Package includes proteins like Free Range Honey Slow-Roasted Chicken and Non-GMO Organic Oven-Roasted Tofu, bases like Local Seasonal Greens and Specialty Grains and sides of Wheat Berry Delight and Figs in a Blanket. Upon delivery, clients have the option to personalize their plates with a layering of flavors, colors and textures.

In addition to focusing on quality cuisine and corporate wellness, Rootastes values their customer relationships and minimizing food waste in the form of biodegradable containers. They require at least a 24-hour notice to prepare orders.


This story appeared in the Spring 2019 issue.