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Edible Boston is a quarterly magazine that promotes the abundance of local foods in the Boston area and its surrounding communities. We celebrate the family farmers, fishermen, fishmongers, food artisans, chefs, and other food-related businesses for their dedication to using the highest quality, fresh, seasonal foods.

Edible Boston readers are savvy, connected, community-minded individuals with insatiable appetites for food knowledge and know-how. They influence their friends, setting trends in where to shop, where to eat, what to cook, what to drink, and why. Edible Boston reaches more than 200,000 readers each season as far north as Newburyport, as far south as Foxboro, and as far west as Worcester. By advertising with us, you will reach a broad audience of knowledgeable consumers who associate this magazine with the latest, the greatest, and the best.


The local food landscape has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. We’ve seen a 300% increase in farmers markets, the opening of the Boston Public Market, a thriving collection of incubator kitchens, and an insatiable consumer appetite. To Market magazine provides the inspiration and information to our readers so they can help build on the existing momentum.

Launched in 2016, To Market takes food conversations to the next level. To Market understands and explains the regional connections that affect local food systems. The focus of To Market will be on all of New England, not just Eastern Massachusetts (as Edible Boston’s focus has been).

We give readers the information needed so that they can make better choices in what they purchase and eat. We answer the questions about why local food costs so much— a shortage of slaughter houses in the region, the cost of land to farm, or the cost to build one’s own production facility. To Market explores the increase in demand for specific varieties of seafood which is depleting our oceans and what we can do to change that. We inspire readers to expand their support of “local” by taking action through their purchasing power. We believe this knowledge will inspire them to broaden their support of local producers: shopping more often at their local farms and farmers markets, and buying more locally produced products.

To Market reached out to and has gotten buy-in from key writers throughout the region. In our premiere issue, Barton Seaver wrote about farmed fishing, Tamar Haspel showed us the ecological upside to the increase in demand for oysters, and Steve Holt investigated the issues and obstacles around providing healthy school lunches And, on the lighter side, we offered a how-to when planning a sustainable wedding!

As a sibling publication to Edible Boston, there is editorial tie-in between the two magazines. Articles in To Market will direct readers to appropriate recipes in Edible Boston. To Market will be distributed at all locations that currently distribute Edible Boston. We will also print additional stand alone copies of To Market to distribute in key venues throughout New England.

Edible Boston has been instrumental in changing our area’s local food landscape. We have given a face to local producers, and we’ve inspired readers to go out and purchase from them directly. We are confident that with our increased distribution and broader editorial we will generate the momentum needed to keep moving in the right direction: a fair and sustainable New England food system.

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