Tendercrop Farm Curry Chicken Wrapped Swiss Chard

1 cup plain organic Greek yogurt
1 tablespoon organic olive or sunflower oil
2 cloves local garlic
Sea salt to taste
Cracked black pepper to taste
2 boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breasts
1 bunch local swiss chard–cleaned and blanched
2 tablespoons curry powder–we like Madras in the reusable tin
1 bunch fresh basil roughly chopped
½ lemon zested then squeezed for juice
2 shallots or spring onion–minced
1 carrot–grated
1 small jalepeño - minced without seeds

Mix ½ cup yogurt, olive oil, garlic, sea salt and cracked pepper.

Evenly coat chicken with mixture.

Roast the chicken in covered oven-safe dish for 25 minutes at 400 degrees or until juices run clear. Remove from pan and allow to rest for 15 minutes.

Remove stems from the base of the Swiss chard then spread leafs on a clean surface.

Use your fingers to pull the chicken into small pieces.

Combine the curry, remaining ½ cup yogurt, basil, lemon juice, shallots, jalepeño, carrots, a dash of sea salt and pepper and add to chicken. Mix evenly with your hands or spatula. Place 2–3 tablespoons of mixture in the center of each leaf and wrap like a burrito, bottom up over mixture, then sides folded in and rolled up tight.

Serve sliced on a bias down the center with a fresh squeeze of lemon.

Makes enough filling for 12 rolls.