Parsnip Crisps


Parsnip crisps, which make excellent munching on their own, turn a homespun soup into something quite stylish.

1 fat parsnip

Ice water

Light vegetable oil such as canola


Seasoning such as ground ancho chili or cumin powder, as desired

Peel the parsnip. Laying it flat on a cutting board, peel long even ribbons the length of the parsnip. Immerse them in a big bowl of icy cold water, changing it a few times.

When you’re ready to deep-fry them, drain the ribbons and dry them on paper towels.

Pour the oil in a pot to a depth of several inches and heat to 350° F. Drop the parsnips ribbons into the fat without crowding them and fry until they turn golden and curl up. Remove them with a slotted spoon to drain on paper towels. Sprinkle them lightly with fine salt and, if you wish, a seasoning such as groundancho chili or cumin powder. Tightly covered, they keep well in a dry place for a day or two.