Grist for the Mill

For the past four years when I’ve delivered our anniversary issue i would say to myself, you should throw a party. Then I thought about all the work involved and would say, maybe next year. Well, this was the year, our Fifth anniversary!

The party was a celebration but also as importantly a thank you to all of our advertisers. Without them the magazine would not exist. They literally are our bread and butter. Through their continuing support, they make it possible for us to pay our writers, delivery company, photographers and printer. So what better way to say thank you than to organize a feast of all the wonderful food and drinks produced in our community.

My idea was to serve products produced by our advertisers. What seemed like an easy task, proved not to be easy at all. Besides there being so much to choose from I encountered the major stumbling Block that is plaguing our local food system: distribution. i experienced what our food producers go through every day. Picking up from one place, driving it to another—all taking a lot of time.

My guests were there to relax, enjoy themselves and get to know each other. I wanted them to put faces to products. Remember, they are the people who are usually preparing your food back in the kitchen, selling you food at farmers markets or in their stores, or packaging the products to be sent to their retail destinations. Rarely do they have the opportunity to just eat, drink and relax with other members of the local food community. They are usually working!

After hours of planning and fretting, it turned out to be a huge success. Guests congratulated each other on their accomplishments and fawned over all the amazing delectable’s we served.

I realize that there are others who have been instrumental in the magazine reaching this milestone. You, our readers! Through your commitment to reading our words and supporting our advertisers we have continued to grow and spread the word about our amazing local food community. I wish it had been possible to invite all of you to the party. I hope you will feel a bit like you were there as you

Read the story about the event.

Thank you all for a wonderful five years and for the encouragement for Edible Boston to continue being part of our expanding local food community!

Ilene Bezahler

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