This simple method for frosting currants and other small, dry berries makes a brilliant garnish. This is better done on a dry day.

Currants in bunches on the stem
1 egg white
Crystallized sugar (large or fine crystals)

Make sure the currants are completely dry and at room temperature.

Spread some sugar on a plate. Beat the egg white in a bowl just enough to make it foam up a little, not enough to form peaks. One stem at a time, dip the currants into the egg white and shake off any excess. Then dip them into the sugar, coating the berries all over.

Set the currants on a rack to dry in the open air for at least an hour or as long as a day, kept at room temperature. As the egg white dries out, the sugar will form a glistening crust. Put a few of the stems on top of a cake or other pastry or perhaps on a simple custard, its color setting off the brilliant sparkle of the currants.