Tangerine Dream with Tangerine-Carrot Shrub

Tangerine Dream Sam Treadway, Bar Manager of Backbar in Somerville, makes a Tangerine-Carrot Shrub and uses it in Tangerine Dream.

2 ounces gin 6 ounces tangerine-carrot shrub* 1 carrot fine sea salt freshly ground black pepper

At Backbar, Sam carbonates and bottles this cocktail, and to serve it, he pops open the bottle like a beer, pours it into a champagne flute, and garnishes with a carrot ribbon soaked in a salt and pepper tincture.

At home, we suggest serving the mix of gin and shrub over ice, topped off with some sparkling water for fizz. For something close to Sam’s garnish, top off the cocktail with a carrot ribbon (made using a vegetable peeler) sprinkled with fine sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

*Tangerine-Carrot Shrub

8 ounces tangerine juice 8 ounces carrots juice 2 cups cane sugar ⅔ cup white wine vinegar Water

Stir the juices, sugar, and vinegar together and measure the total amount of liquid. Add double this volume in water and stir to dissolve the sugar. Refrigerate until ready to use in your cocktail.