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Step 1: Membership Club Sign Up

Edible BostonComment

Ever wonder how to get more involved with the Edible Boston community? How to guarantee you don’t miss an issue of the magazine? How to get the inside scoop on cool food-centric events? Or how to give your favorite foodie the perfect gift? The Edible Boston Membership Club is a great way to be a part of the Edible Boston community.

As an Edible Boston member, you receive an annual subscription to Edible Boston magazine, guaranteeing each issue gets delivered straight to your door; exclusive, curated offers from Edible Boston advertisers; and access to exclusive events in and around the greater Boston area.

The Edible Boston Membership Club costs $35 annually ($65 for two years or $90 for three years). 

  1. Complete the form below. If giving a gift membership, complete purchaser information for yourself and member information for your gift recipient. Hit "Submit".
  2. On the next page, choose the duration of your membership. Hit "Add to Cart".
  3. Complete your order through PayPal. You must finalize payment through Paypal in order for your membership to be complete.


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