By Our Readers / Edited by Sarah Blackburn / Photo by Michael Piazza

Planning this season’s Readers’ Recipe Contest (during what seemed like an utterly endless winter!) got us thinking of the universal symbols of spring, icons shared across all cultures around the globe. We wanted to gather recipes that reflected the season, that shared a common ingredient but diverged radically in taste and tradition. We thought of lamb, rabbit, peach and cherry blossoms, asparagus, green garlic. Chive flowers bloom early, as do lilacs and apple trees. But the image we kept coming back to, the one that really stood out as the agreed-upon emblem of the season of re-birth, was the egg.

Eggs are a simple food in many ways but also miraculous in their chemistry. They leaven, they enrich, they even emulsify. They give life to baby chicks and sustenance to hungry humans. They last weeks in the fridge, offer substantial nutrition, and are easy to prepare. When whipped into soufflés they are airy and light, when hard-boiled and sliced they offer two distinct textures and flavors, and when simply scrambled in a bit of butter with flakes of salt and freshly cracked pepper, they are one of the most wonderful things you can put into your mouth.

We asked you, our readers, to submit your favorite ways to prepare eggs, where they stand out as the star of the show, and we received so many delicious entries. We read about wood-fired pizza with bacon and eggs; an “Upstate Sour,” made with apple whisky, cider syrup, and an egg white; two wonderful stories about real Cuban flan and 19th Century Cuban bacalao con huevos; multiple Sunday morning scrambles, frittatas, and stratas; we even received a gorgeous watercolor painting of assorted eggs from the artist’s hens! Our favorite recipes are printed below.


Mrs. Thrift's Red Beet Eggs >> Submitted by Betsy Williams of Andover, MA. She gets her eggs from Springdell Farm in Littleton where she gets her meat CSA, and she finds her copies of Edible Boston at Tower Hill Botanic Garden in Boylston, MA.

Orange Almond Flan >> Submitted by Sabrina Pashtan of Brookline. Recipe adapted from “Dulce lo Vivas “ by Ana Bensadon and The New York Times. Sabrina gets her voluptuous, rich eggs from Smith’s Country Cheese in Winchester, MA, or Pete & Gerry’s organic, cage-free Ameraucana or Marans heirloom varieties.

Ovo E Pomodoro, Eggs in Tomato Sauce >> Submitted by Elizabeth Bertolozzi of the South End. She gets her copies of Edible Boston at the Whole Foods Symphony store.

Sunday Morning Frittata >> Submitted by Sal Graceffa of Bolton and Sal’s Gourmet Potato Chips. He gets his amazing, out-of-this-world eggs from a neighbor who raises chickens, goats, and sheep. He finds his copies of Edible Boston at Whole Foods markets.

Pavlova >> Submitted by Beth Wittenstein of Cambridge. Recipe adapted from Joy of Baking. She gets her copies of Edible Boston at The Painted Burro or Posto in Davis Square, Somerville.

Tortilla Española >> Submitted by George Warner of Chestnut Hill’s architecture firm Warner + Cunningham. As a longtime advertiser and friend, George gets his copies of Edible Boston in the mail.