Summer 2016 Letter from the Editor

Dear Friends,

This summer Edible Boston turns 10. Wow, have the years flown by!

In 2006, when I started the magazine, I was so excited, but also apprehensive. Would the “local food movement” provide enough content for a quarterly magazine? Was “farm to table” just a phase that would come and go? A decade later, I’m proud to say we are still publishing and are a big part of this large and thriving local food community. Because of your support, we’ve been able to tell important stories about the farms, people and local artisans that give meaning and depth to the locavore movement. Thank you!

So what will the next decade bring for Edible Boston?

We believe that the next impact local food is going to have is within our homes. Thus Edible Boston's focus will continue to be on seasonal, local food with a slight shift towards food prepared inside the home great recipes, informative articles on growing, raising and preserving food. Each one of us has the potential to be as impactful on our community as have the individuals we have written about. Our goal is to continue giving you the information and motivation to take action.

To complement Edible Boston I will be launching a sibling publication, To Market. The new publication will also cover local food but will have a broader, regional approach, encompassing not just the five counties of eastern Massachusetts, but New England as a whole. To Market will delve into policy issues that affect the entire region, as well as exploring local food trends and how they expand throughout New England and beyond.

The first issue of To Market will appear in September. The magazines will be published on the same schedule and, for the first year, we will be packaging them together so that you, our readers, will have easy access to both.

Again, thank you for your role in helping cultivate the local food movement and making Edible Boston a successful and important voice for the people behind it.

Best Regards,

Ilene Bezahler, Publisher