Letter from the Editor, Winter 2016

Every year as the holidays approach, I think about traditions. We all have them.

Perhaps it is where a holiday or special occasion is celebrated or what food we eat. But, every so often or over time, these traditions likely change to reflect changes in our lives. Once we get over the shock, and very often the disappointment, we do adjust to the "new tradition."

For me, Thanksgiving was always the same with my favorites being the caramelized onions and cornbread stuffing. I knew I could always count on my father and my uncle-by-choice (the Thanksgiving cooks) to serve them.

After moving to Boston I found myself enjoying the meal with friends and a new family. It's been more than 20 years and I realize I have adapted to the menu change. I now look forward to the new traditions - making garlic mashed potatoes, having a more traditional herb stuffing, to name just a few.

While I am not recommending any radical change to your traditions, I do have some tweaks which you may find will be enjoyed this holiday season. Why not add carrots to your potato latkes like Ben Elliot does at Saltbox Farm? Instead of yams, try Jamie

Bissonnette's sweet potatoes with nutritional yeast and maple syrup.

While we are celebrating the holidays, I would also like to give a huge thank you to all participants who have worked over the past 19 years to bringing the Boston Public Market to fruition. It was a monumental task over a long period of time but now it is open!

This holiday season, let's celebrate the Market by making it our shopping destination and creating a new holiday shopping tradition.

Let's share the season with not only our family but our local food friends!


Happy Holidays,