Letter from the Editor, Spring 2015


As you may have noticed, this past year my letters have become more personal. I’ve been sharing with you some of my favorite memories of family and the role food has played in it throughout my life. My parents instilled in my sisters and me an appreciation for sitting down to a family dinner; an opportunity to share the day’s events, to plan for the next day and many nights to simply enjoy each other’s company. I grew up in the era of Julia Child was influencing the way women were cooking. My mother was no exception. This meant that the nights my father was home early enough for dinner we were "subjected" to meals more extravagant than the foods we preferred. Beef bourguignon immediately pops to mind. On the nights we were "spared" the gourmet meals we lucked out. While we missed my Dad, we were ecstatic about the pizza, hamburgers and other foods that we were served. Keep in mind, while we then considered them junk food, they were still made with high quality ingredients and were healthy.

As I reflect back, these meals were the cornerstone of my appreciation for both food and the way it brings people together, be it family or friends. This spring I would like to extend my family by inviting the members of the local food community to join me at an imaginary table.

Over the 9 years that I have been publishing the magazine I’ve enjoyed many a meal, a drink or just a relaxed conversation with these new family members. We’ve shared stories of our lives, daily events, troubles and accomplishments. And like families do, we have helped each out when help is needed.

Well, now is the time that our family needs help. This past winter has been brutal and the economic impact on the local economy is huge. Think about how many days stores and restaurants had to close due to snow. A closed business means no revenue, revenue that cannot be made up.

How can we help? Shop in your local store rather than online. Eat out a little more than usual. Pay full price for merchandise rather than waiting for a sale. Remember a little action on our part will have a big impact on our food family.