Cocktails for a Crowd

Photo by Michael Piazza / Styled by Emmet Kelty

Fall is New England’s grand finale. With hot summer days behind us and cold winter mornings ahead, we grasp at every opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors. The crowds have waned and the kids are back in school—it’s a perfect time to pack a picnic for the park or to head to the woods with friends. It’s also a perfect time to batch cocktails for a crowd and enjoy them under the falling leaves.

Apples and pears abound in the fall and they pair nicely with quintessential fall spices—cinnamon, cloves, star anise. Carrots and bulb veggies like fennel make surprisingly delicious bases for cocktails. These recipes are “batched,” meaning you can make them in large quantities in advance so you don’t have to worry about playing bartender while your guests anxiously await a drink. They are ready to pack and go—whether in a Thermos for a trek in the woods or a fancy Weck tulip jar for a picnic in the park.

Remember: Always check your venue’s open-container and alcohol laws. For example, alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any Massachusetts state parks and campgrounds and some parks and beaches do not allow glass containers. 

This story appeared in the Fall 2017 issue.